Friday, 27 April 2012

Johannes Vermeer - part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on the works of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. For biographical notes on Vermeer and earlier works, see part 1.

Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675) was famous for his domestic interior scenes of middle class life, probably the second most famous Dutch painter of the 17th century after Rembranndt (a period which is better known as the Dutch Golden Age for its astonishing cultural and artistic achievements). His paintings are admired for their transparent colours, well thought out composition and brilliant use of light.

1665 Woman Holding a Balance  
oil on canvas 42 x 35.5 cm

c1665-66 A Lady Writing 
oil on canvas 45 x 39.9 cm

c1665-67 Girl with the Red Hat 
oil on canvas 22.8 x 18 cm

c1665-67 Study of a Young Woman 
44.5 x 40 cm

c1665 The Girl with a Pearl Earring 
46.5 x 40 cm

c1666-67 Mistress and Maid ( Lady with Her Maidservant Holding a Letter ) 
90.2 x 78.4 cm

c1666-68 The Art of Painting 
oil on canvas 120 x 100 cm

c1666 Girl with a Flute 
oil on canvas 20.2 x 18 cm

1668 The Astronomer 
oil on canvas 51.5 x 45.5 cm

c1668-69 The Geographer 
oil on canvas 52 x 45.5 cm

c1669-71 The Lacemaker
oil on canvas
24.5 x 21 cm

c1666 The Love Letter 
oil on canvas 44 cm x 38.5 cm

c1670-72 A Lady Standing at a Virginal 
oil on canvas 51.7 x 45.2 cm

c1670-72 A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal ( A Lady Seated at a Virginal ) 
oil on canvas 51.5 x 45.5 cm

c1670-72 A Young Woman Seated at the Virginal 
oil on canvas 25.2 x 20 cm

c1670-72 Young Woman Playing a Guitar 
oil on canvas 53 x 46.3 cm

c1670 Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid 
oil on canvas 72.2 x 59.7 cm

c1671-74 Allegory of Faith 
oil on canvas 114.3 x 88.9 cm

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