Saturday 16 June 2012

Edward Bawden - part 3

This is part 3 of a 4-part post on the works of British Artist Edward Bawden, one of a group of artists associated with a community of artists that existed around Great Bardfield in Essex, England during the middle years of the 20th century.
For biographical notes on Bawden see part 1. 
For earlier works see parts 1 and 2.

1950 Trade paper inset for British Films

1951 The Bird's Nest 

1952 Early Morning in Sicily 

1952 Rose and Shaving Mirror 

1952 The Belvedere, Genzano 

1952 The City 
lithograph 102 x 63 cm

1952 Titfield Thunderbolt poster 
lithograph 77 x 104.4 cm

1954 Little Sampford Church 
watercolour 60 x 72.5 cm

1954 The Church Wall 
watercolour and drawing 45.1 x 57.1 cm 
© The estate of Edward Bawden

1956 Ives Farm, Great Bardfield 
linocut 41 x 61.2 cm

1956 The Original Cheap Jack 

c1956 Road to Thaxted 

1957 Design for a Mural 

1958 Caradon 
watercolour 46.4 x 57.8 cm 
© The estate of Edward Bawden

1958 Easter Design Fortnum and Mason linocut 11 x 15 cm

1960 Braintree Station 
linocut 56 x 106.4 cm

In 1963 Editions Alecto commissioned two groups of prints by Bawden to commemorate three London exchanges that were about to be demolished. In the first group were the Stock Exchange, the Coal Exchange and Lloyds. The print of Lloyds shows the 'Room' in Lime Street, to which Lloyds had moved from Leadenhall Street in 1958. It has since been demolished. Here are two of the prints:

1963 The Stock Exchange 
lithograph 40.4 x 45 cm

1963 Lloyds 
lithograph 40.5 x 44.5 cm

1963 The Hat Pin 
11.5 x 14.7 cm drawing

1963 The Pagoda 

The following prints are part of the Nine London Monuments series of linocuts commissioned by Editions Alecto in 1966. Alecto specialised in high quality reproductions, and the originals were made by Bawden using four or five blocks in his Brick House studio. He used a variety of techniques to introduce texture and shading of colour in the process. Here are six of them:

1966 St Pauls 

1966 The Guildhall 

All the buildings in the series had different skies, and this one has been inked in such a way as to allow the white of the paper to show through:

1966 The Horse Guards 

1966 The Palace of Westminster 

1966 The Tower of London 

1966 Albert Bridge 


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