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Thomas Eakins - part 2

This is part 2 of a 6-part post on the works of American artist Thomas Eakins. Parts 1 – 4 feature his paintings, parts 5 – 6 his photography. Thomas Eakins (1844-1916) was the most powerful figure painter and portrait painter of his time in America. For biographical notes on Eakins, and for earlier works, see part 1.

1876 The Zither Player 
watercolour on cream wove paper 29.8 x 25.2 cm

Eakins has clearly used the watercolour above as the basis of the composition for the oil painting below, executed around seven years later:

1883 Professionals at Rehearsal 
oil on canvas 30.5 x 40.6 cm
1877 Seventy Years Ago 
watercolour on paper

1877 Young Girl Meditating 
watercolour and gouache on paper 24.3 x 15.6 cm

1878 Portrait of Sarah Ward Brinton 
oil on canvas

1878 The Dancing Lesson (Negro Boy Dancing) 
watercolour on off-white wove paper 45.9 x 57.3 cm

c1878 The Courtship 
oil on canvas 50.8 x 61 cm

1879 "Thar's Such A Thing As Calls in This World" 
illustration for "Mr. Neelus Peeler's Conditions" 
ink and opaque highlights on paper 26.5 x 31.1 cm

1879-80 A May Morning in the Park (The Fairman Rogers Four-in-Hand) 
oil on canvas

1881 Homespun 
watercolour on paper 35.2 x 27.3 cm

c1881 The Tree, study for 'Mending the Net' (see below) 
oil on panel 26 x 36.8 cm

1881 Mending the Net 
oil on canvas 81.3 x 114.3 cm

1881 Shad Fishing at Gloucester on the Delaware River 
oil on canvas

1881 Shad Fishing at Gloucester on the Delaware River II 
oil on canvas

1881 Spinning 
watercolour on paper

1881 Taking up the Net 

1881 The Pathetic Song 
oil on canvas 41.3 x 81.8 cm

c1881 The Pathetic Song 
watercolour on paper 42.5 x 28.4 cm

1882 Drawing the Seine 

1882 Mending the Net 

1882 The Writing Master 
oil on canvas 76.2 x 87 cm
The portrait above is of Eakin's father, a calligrapher.

1882-81 cast 1980 Knitting 
bronze 45.7 x 36.8 cm

1882-83 cast 1980 Spinning 
bronze 45.7 x 36.8 cm

1882-83 The Meadows, Gloucester 
oil on canvas

c1883 Arcadian Scene study for 'Arcadia' (see below) 
oil on wood panel 14.7 x 19.7 cm

c1883 Arcadia 
oil on canvas 98.1 x 114.3 cm

1884-85 Swimming 
oil on canvas 69.4 x 92.2 cm

c1884-89 The Artist's Wife and His Setter Dog 
oil on canvas 76.2 x 58.4 cm

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