Monday 17 February 2014

Citrus Fruit Crate Labels - part 1

A series featuring citrus fruit crate labels from the USA, spanning the early 1900's to the 1950's. These colourful illustrated labels were printed by lithography and were designed to be attached to the ends of wooden fruit crates. They usually identified the manufacturer, the type, class and origin of the fruit. Some were generic - overprinted by different companies or brands.

This first series of posts features citrus fruits - oranges, lemons and grapefruit principally. At some later stage I will feature a series on apple crate labels as well. 

This is part 1 of a 5-part post on Citrus Fruit Crate Labels (late C19th - early C20th) :

California Beauty Rose Oranges

Camellia Brand Oranges

Camellia Brand Oranges

Carmen Brand Oranges

Carnation Brand Oranges

Choice Chinook Brand Citrus

Corona Citrus Association "Royal" Citrus

Corona Queen Citrus

Daisy Brand Oranges

Delta Brand Oranges

Eagle Brand Citrus

Geranium Brand Citrus

Golden Brand Oranges

Green Banner Brand Oranges

Gypsy Queen Brand Oranges

Herald Brand Redlands Oranges

Homer Brand Oranges and Lemons

Maduro Brand Lemons

Magnolia Brand Oranges

Mallard Brand Oranges

Marguerite Brand Citrus

Minnehaha Brand Oranges

Mutual Brand Oranges

Orange Blossom Brand Citrus

Our Pride Brand Citrus

Pansy Brand Oranges

Peacock Brand Citrus

Peasant Brand Citrus

Pepper Leaf Brand Oranges

Perfection Brand

Poinsettia Brand

Princess Brand Citrus

Siesta Brand

Silence Brand

Sky-High Brand Oranges

Squirrel Brand Oranges

Standard Brand Oranges

Sunset Brand Oranges

Sunset Brand Citrus

Sweet-Heart Brand

The Maine Brand

Thistle Brand Washington Navel Oranges

Thoroughbred Brand

Union Brand Oranges

Vulture Brand

Williams Bros. Oranges

Yellow Aster Brand Oranges

Yellow Aster Brand Oranges

Yellow Aster Brand Oranges

Yosemite Brand

Young Sports Brand

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