Saturday 7 May 2016

Automotive Art - part 1

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This next series features automotive art and illustration beginning in the 1880s, in the very early days of motoring, through to the mid-1960s. Mainly in poster form, that either advertised motor cars and car-related products, or promoted motor-racing events like Grand Prix.

It features many famous and iconic brands, as well as some that have fallen by the wayside. Over the series it's interesting to see the development and change in tastes with regard to the design and artwork.

This is part 1 of an 8-part series on automotive art:

1883 Daimler

c1890s Automobiles E. J. Brierre, Paris
illustrated by E. R. Fosse

c1890s Automobiles Peugeot, Paris

1896 Audibert et Lavirotte, Lyon
illustrated by Louis Huvey

1896 Voiturettes Automobiles Léon Bollée, Paris

1898 Automobiles Delahaye, Paris

1898 Cycles Automobiles Moteurs, Louvain, Belgium
illustrated by Georges Gaudy

1898 Pipe, Brussels, Belgium
 illustrated by Georges Gaudy

1899 2nd Exposition Internationale d'Automobiles, France

1899 Fiat, Fabbrica Italiano di Automobili, Turin, Italy

1900 Benzo Moteur, France
 illustrated by Jules Cheret

1900 Voiturette La Mouche, France
illustrated by Francisco Tamagno

c1900 Automobile Club de Belgique
illustrated by Georges Gaudy

1900c L'Élégante Moteurs de Dion, France

1900s Alpha B.R.C.

1900s Automobiles Bayard, Paris

c1900s Automobiles Brasier, France
illustrated by Leonetto Capiello

c1900s Automobiles Brasier, France
illustrated by S. Houtte

c1900s De Clèves et Chevalier, France
 illustrated by F. Sottlob

1900s Cylces & Automobiles, Cottereau & Cie, Dijon
illustrated by Francisco Tamagno

1900s Hupmobile, France
illustrated by G. Cornil

1900s Palmer Tyres, UK

1901 Graz Automobile Exhibition

1901 L'Auto-Touriste, France
illustrated by Jules-Alexandre Grün

1901 Pneus Ferres Gallus, France
 illustrated by 
Jules-Alexandre Grün

1902 Voitures Prosper Lambert, France

1903 6th Exposition Internationale de
L'Automobile du Cycle et des Sports
illustrated by Henri Privat-Livemon

1903 Automobile Club de France
illustrated by Henri Privat-Livemont

1903 Automobiles Ader, France
illustrated by Georges Meunier

1903 Gladiator, France
 illustrated by Hugo d'Alesi

1903 Rigal Oil, France
 illustrated by Noel Dorville

1904 Automobile Club de France
illustrated by Jules Faivre

1904 Automobiles Georges Richard
illustrated by Henri Bellery Defontaines

1904 Mors Guides Apollo's Chariot, France
 illustrated by Noel Dorville

1904 Peerless

1904 Peugeot, France
 illustrated by G. de Burggill

1905 Michelin Tyres, France
illustrated by Ernest Montaut

1905 Turin Society of Electric Automobiles, Italy
illustrated by 'Stae'

1906 Amsterdam Automobile Exhibition, The Netherlands

1906 Pneumatiques Torrilhon, France
illustrated by Leonetto Cappiello

1906 The Dolores
illustrated by R. R. Guyp

1907 Automobile Exhibition, France

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