Wednesday 25 January 2017

Maritime Posters - part 1

This series features maritime or nautical posters from between the 1880s to the 1950s, many published by the famous shipping lines of the day like Canadian Pacific, Cunard White Star, and the Orient line, many illustrated by well-known graphic artists of the day. Perhaps the most well-known is Adolphe Mouron-Cassandre, whose posters from the 1930s have become collectable classics. If the name is not familiar, the posters will be. Some of the famous vessels will be familiar to you too - there are posters advertising the maiden voyage of the ill-fated Titanic for instance.

A steamship ticket from 1859

This is part 1 of a 5 - part series on maritime posters:

1884 North German Lloyd
New York and Bremen

1889 La Veloce

1894 Cunard Line
From Liverpool to New York & Boston

1895 Orient Co's Pleasure Cruise by the SS. "Lusitania"
To The West India Islands, Madeira, Teneriffe, Azores &c

Note: not to be confused with RMS Lusitania launched in 1906, and sunk by the Germans during World War 1

1898 Mala Real Inglesa (Royal Mail Line) Brazil
poster by Fred Simpson

1898 Red Star Line
Antwerp - New York
poster by Henri Cassiers

1899 American Line

1899 Red Star Line
Antwerp - New York
poster by Henri Cassiers

1899c Cie. des Messageries Maritimes
poster by Abel Brun

1900 Sylt Steamship Company
poster by Felix Schwormstädt

1900c Hamburg - Süd-Amerikanische

1900c Nordsee - Bädern

1900c Summer Cruises to Norway
poster by Anton Reckziegel

1900c The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company

1900s Hamburg - Amerikanische Packelfahrt A.G.

1900s Nelson Line Argentina and Brzil
poster by Odin Rosenvinge (1880-1959)

1900s White Star Line
Liverpool to New York

1900s White Star Line
Liverpool to New York

1901c Hamburg-Amerika Linie

1903 Hamburg-Amerika Linie
poster by Hans Bohrdt

1903 Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen
poster by Friitz Rehm

1904 Dominion Line, Liverpool to Canada
poster by William Cossens

1904 Winter in the West Indies
poster by A. S. Forrest

1904c Hamburg-Amerika Linie
poster by Felix Schwormstädt

1905 Nordlandfahrten Hamburg - Amerika Linie
poster by Carl Langhein

1905 Sylt Steamship Company Nordseebäder
poster by Willy Stöwer

1905c Riviera Dienst Hamburg-Amerika Linie

This is the SS Lusitania that was sunk by the Germans during World War 1. Plus three recruitment posters after the event:

1907 Cunard Line Royal Mail Steamers
The Lusitania

1907 Cunard Line Monarchs of the Sea
"Lusitania" and "Mauretania"

1915 WWI Recruitment Poster

1915 WWI Recruitment Poster

1915 WWI Recruitment Poster

1907 Exposition Maritime Internationale Bordeaux
poster by Antoine Ponchin

1908 Red Star Line
poster by Hendrick Cassiers

1910 Cunard Line Liverpool to New York & Boston

1910 Cunard Line
Liverpool. New York. Boston. Via Queenstown.

1910 Österreichischer LLoyd : Triest
poster by Adolf Karpellus

1910c Hamburg-Amerika Linie

1910c Westerland-Sylt
poster by Franz Korwan

1910s R.M.S.P. "Arcadian"
poster by Frank Newbould (1887-1951)

1912 Österr-Lloyd Triest

1912 Titanic

The sinking of the RMS Titanic occurred on the night of 14 April through to the morning of 15 April 1912 in the North Atlantic Ocean, four days into the ship's maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. The "unsinkable" vessel was holed after striking an iceberg.

An artists impression of the disaster at the time, featured in The Daily Mail newspaper

1912 White Star Line

1912 White Star Line

1912 White Star Line
"Olympic" and "Titanic"

1912c Orient Line to Australia

1913 A Winter Tour by P & O. India Ceylon Egypt

1913 Allan Line Royal Mail To and From Canada
poster by James S. Mann

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