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John Everett Millais - part 8

1881 Self-Portrait
oil on canvas
Uffizi Gallery, Florence

John Everett Millais was  an English painter and book illustrator (1829 - 1896). A child prodigy who was hard-working as well as naturally gifted, he became the youngest ever student at the Royal Academy Schools when he was 11, and although he suffered some temporary setbacks in his twenties, his career was essentially one of the great Victorian success stories. In 1848, with Rossetti and Holman Hunt, he founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and had his share of the abuse heaped against the members until Ruskin stepped in as their champion.

For full biographical notes see part1, and for earlier works, see parts 1 - 7 also.

This is part 8 of a 10-part post on the works of Millais:

1876 The Sound of Many Waters
oil on canvas 57.5 x 107.8 cm
The National Trust for Scotland, Fyvie Castle, Turriff, UK

1876 The Twins, Kate and Grace Hoare
oil on canvas 153.5 x 113.7 cm
The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK

1876 The Yeoman of the Guard
oil on canvas 139.7 x 111.8 cm
Tate, London

1877 Anthony Ashley-Cooper ( 1801–1885 ), 7th Earl of Shaftesbury,
President of the Bible Society
oil on canvas 121 x 101 cm
Cambridge University Library, UK

1877 Bright Eyes
oil on canvas 92 x 71.5 cm
Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums, UK

1877 Effie Deans
( from "The Heart of Midlothian" by Sir Walter Scott )

1886 Effie Deans print by Thomas Oldham Barlow
mezzotint with stipple and etching on chine collé 78.5 x 58 cm
The British Museum, London

1877 Puss in Boots
oil on canvas 106.7 x 79.3 cm
Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection
Dundee City Council, UK

1877 The Good Resolve
oil on canvas 110 x 82.2 cm
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK

1877 Yes
oil on canvas 116.8 x 149.8 cm
Private Collection

1878 A Jersey Lily ( actress Lillie Langtry )
oil on canvas 109 x 85 cm
Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, St. Helier. UK

1878 Lillie Langtry

1878 The Bride of Lammermoor
oil on canvas 151 x 107.3 cm
 Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, UK

1878 The Bride of Lammermoor 1882 after Millais
mezzotint with stipple and etching on chine collé 68.8 x 50.3 cm ( image )
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

1878 The Princes in the Tower
oil on canvas 147.2 x 91.4 cm
Royal Holloway, University of London 

1879 Cherry Ripe
oil on canvas 134.5 x 89 cm

1879 Cherry Ripe
chromolithograph from the newspaper "The Graphic", a Christmas gift

1788 Penelope Boothby
by Sir Joshua Reynolds

1879 Louise Jane Jopling
oil on canvas 124 x 76.5 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

1879 Meditation
oil on canvas 91.5 x 61.4 cm
 Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, Greater Newcastle, UK

1879 William Ewart Gladstone
oil on canvas 125.7 x 91.4 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London

William Ewart Gladstone

1880 James Fraser
oil on canvas 128 x 93.6 cm
Manchester Art Gallery, UK

James Fraser, Bishop of Manchester

1880 Kate Perugini ( daughter of Charles Dickens )
oil on canvas 125 x 80 cm
Private Collection

1880 Kate Perugini ( Kate Dickens, right )

1880 Luther Holden ( 1815–1905 ), Surgeon at St Bartholomew's Hospital ( 1865–1881 )
oil on canvas 126 x 92 cm
St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum and Archive, London

1880c Luther Holden ( version 2 )
oil on canvas 124.4 x 92.7 cm
The Foundling Museum, London

1880 Reverend John Caird, Principal of Glasgow University
oil on canvas 127 x 92.1 cm
Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow University, UK

1881 "Sweetest Eyes Were Ever Seen"
oil on canvas 100.5 x 72 cm
National Galleries of Scotland, Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh

1881c "Sweetest Eyes Were Ever Seen"
 pen and ink with bodycolour 23.5 x 17 cm

1881 Alfred Tennyson ( 1809–1892 ), 1st Baron Tennyson, FRS
oil on canvas 127 x 93 cm
Lady Lever Art Gallery, Wirral, UK

after 1881 Alfred Lord Tennyson after Millais
engraving Harvard Art Museums/ Fogg Museum, MA
© President and Fellows of Harvard College

Alfred Lord Tennyson

1881 Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield
oil on canvas 127.6 x 93.1 cm
National Portrait Gallery, London
Benjamin Disraeli

1881 Cinderella
Private Collection

1886 Cinderella afterMillais
engraving by Illman Brothers

1881 John Henry Newman
oil on canvas 121.3 x 95.3 cm
 National Portrait Gallery, London

Cardinal John Henry Newman

1881 Sir Henry Thompson, Bt
oil on canvas 125.7 x 91.4 cm
Tate, London

Sir Henry Thompson, Bt

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