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Paula Modersohn-Becker - part 5

Paula Modersohn-Becker with Elspeth c1903

Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876-1907) spent most of her childhood in Bremen, Germany, and decided to become a painter at a young age. After her education at a private painting and drawing school in Berlin, she continued her studies from 1898 at the artist’s colony Worpswede with Fritz Mackensen.

The human form is very much at the centre of Modersohn-Becker’s work; children, old women, and Worpsweder peasants inspired her to undertake portraiture.

For more information on Paula Modersohn-Becker see part 1. For earlier works by Modersohn-Becker, see parts 1-4 also.

This is part 5 of a 5-part post on the works of Paula Modersohn-Becker:

1906 Two Girls in White and Blue Dresses
oil on cardboard 58.5 x 40 cm
Kunsthalle Hamburg, Germany

1906-07 Girl with Goldfish
tempera on canvas 105.5 x 54.5 cm
Museum of Modern Art, Munich

1906-07 Lee Hoetger and Her Sister
gouache on paper 36.5 x 46.5 cm
Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany

1906-07 Self-Portrait
tempera on paper 26.5 x 18.5 cm
Private Collection

1906-07 Self-Portrait with Hat and Veil
oil on canvas 89.6 x 79.8 cm
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Netherlands

1906-07 Self-Portrait with Red Flowers and Necklace
Lower Saxony State Museum, Hanover, Germany

1906-07 Sitting Nude Girl with Flower Vases
tempera on canvas 89 x 109 cm
Von der Heydt-Museum, Wuppertal, Germany

1906-07c Old Peasant Woman
oil on canvas 75.6 x 57.8 cm
Detroit Institute of the Arts, MI

1906c Girl with a Cat
Private Collection

1907 Adoration of the Magi
oil on cardboard 24.3 x 32.4 cm
Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

1907 Adoration of the Magi

1907 Mother and Child
80 x 59 cm
Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany

1907 Old Woman from the Poorhouse in the Garden with Glass Globe and Poppies
oil and tempera on canvas 95 x 78 cm
Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen, Germany

1907 Self-Portrait
tempera? on panel 62 x 31 cm
Museum Folkwang, Essen

1907 Self-Portrait with Two Flowers in Raised Left Hand
canvas 55 x 25 cm Private Collection

1907 Still LIfe with Blue Box
oil on canvas 27.3 x 35.7 cm
Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen, Germany

1907 Still LIfe with Pottery Jug
oil on canvas 38 x 47 cm
Private Collection

1907 Still Life with Ringlet in front of Landscape
oil on canvas 25 x 28.5 cm
Private Collection

1907 The Good Samaritan
tempera on cardboard laid down on wood 31.3 x 37 cm
Sammlung Ludwig Roselius, Bremen, Germany

1908c Child's Head with White Cloth
tempera on Cardboard 45.3 x 66.2 cm
Private Collection

Female Half Nude
oil on canvas 82.6 x 55 cm
Private Collection

Female Nude

Kneeling  Breast-Feeding Mother

Landscape with Shrubs and Red Houses
oil on card 39.7 x 52 cm

Landscape with Windblown Trees
oil on board

n.d. Armenian Woman Sitting in the Garden
oil on cardboard 32.5 xx 43.7 cm

n.d. Blind Woman in the Woods
etching, aquatint and roulette on yellow vellum 29.2 x 24.9 cm

n.d. Breast Feeding Mother
Musée d'art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

n.d. Child Sitting by a Birch ( Child with Fruit )
 oil on cardboard 64.1 x 47.3 cm

n.d. Child's Head study
 chalk on paper 14 x 14.9 cm
Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

n.d. Female Nude lying in the Grass

n.d. Landscape under Trees
etching and roulette on yellowish vellum 25 x 36.5 cm

n.d. Men, Women and Children Between Trees
charcoal on hand-made paper 21.8 x 29.7 cm

n.d. Moorland with Reflected trees
oil on cardboard 43.6 x 45.9 cm

n.d. Self-Portrait
oil on cardboard 45.7 x 29.7 cm
Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

n.d. Self-Portrait, Half-Length, Facing Left, Holding a Bowl and a Glass
oil on cardboard 67.3 x 47 cm
Sammlung Sander, Berlin, Germany

n.d. Standing Boy with Angled Right Arm
charcoal on ivory-coloured paper 58.8 x 28.7 cm

n.d. Still Life with Flowers
tempera on canvas 90 x 65 cm
Kunsthalle, Bremen, Germany

n.d. Study of a Hand
charcoal on ivory-coloured vellum 16.8 x 12.9 cm

n.d. Woman Sitting on a Podium to the Left
charcoal on delicate grey-tinted Japanese paper 31.8 x 23.4 cm

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