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Children's Book Covers 1871 - 1925

A brief look (one part post) at children's books cover art from the Victorian era through to 1925. These are mostly hard-bound books that feature colour printing, embossing and gilding as well as applied lithographic colour printing:

1871 Better Than Rubies

1872 Bluff Crag
or A Good Word Costs Nothing

1873 Rose and Kate or The Little Howards

1875 A Cruise in the Acorn

1877 Stories About Horses
Compiled by T.B.S.

1877 The Peep Show
With 300 Pictures

1878c Birds & their Nests
by Mary Howitt

1880 The Raccoon
J.B.Lippincott & Co. Philadelphia.

1880c Chatterbox Album of Animals

1881 In His Father's Arms

1882 Abroad
Thomas Crane & Ellen Houghton
cover illustration by Thomas Crane

1883 John Angelo at the Water Colour Exhibition
Daniel Lothrop & Co., Boston, MA

1883 Perseus the Gorgon Slayer

1883 Some of my Feathered and Four-Footed Friends

1885c Childhood's Wonders

1886 The Favourite Nursery Series
Little Jack Frost's Album

1886 The Golden Play Book
Frederick Warne & Co. London

1886 The Large Picture Primer

1888 Play Days
Cassell & Company Limited, New York, London, Paris & Melbourne

1888 Edith Series
Editha's Burglar

1889 Things will take a turn
by Beatrice Harraden

1890 Three Fairy Princesses
Marcus Ward & Co. Ltd. London, Belfast & New York

1891 Chitty Chatty Stories
McLoughlin Bros. New York
Red Line Series

1892 The Admiral's Caravan
by Charles E. Carryl

1893 The Favourite Book of Nursery Tales
With 72 full-page Coloured Pictures

1894 Favourite Tales for the Nursery
Thomas Nelson & Son. London, Edinburgh & New York

1894 Gerty's Triumph

1894 Tales from Hans Andersen

1895 The Story of Rosina
and other Verses by Austin Dobson
Illustrated by Hugh Thomson

1896 Grimm's Household Stories

1896 Mother Goose's Rhymes Jingles & Fairy Tales

1896 Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

1896 Tales from Hans Andersen

1897 Fairy Tales from the Far North
by P.C. Asbjönsen
Translated by H. Brækstad

1897 Through the Looking Glass
and What Alice Found There

1897c Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

1898 A Bunch of Cherries
by L.T. Meade

1898 An Almanac of Twelve Sports by William Nicholson
with words by Rudyard Kipling

1898 Daddy Jake
The Runaway and Other Stories by "Uncle Remus"
Joel Chandler Harris

1898 Denise and Ned Toodles
by Gabrielle F. Jackson

1898 The Boys of '98
by James Otis

1898 The Fairy Book
by Miss Mulock

1898 The Giant Scissors
by Annie Fellowes Johnson
Cosy Corner Series

1905 Little Pickles

1907c Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

1910 Hans Brinker
or The Silver Skates
by Mary Mapes Dodge

1925 Pinocchio
illustrated by Frederick Richardson

n.d. Chatterbox Album of Animals

n.d. Kiddie Record Song and Story Book
Number Two
cover by Clara M. Burd

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