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Feliks Topolski - part 4

c1986 Feliks Topolski photograph by R.A. Redburn

Feliks Topolski was a Polish-born British artist known for his expressionistic prints and paintings depicting important figures and occasions. Over the course of his career, he produced portraits of Winston Churchill and George Bernard Shaw, as well as events such as Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. “I feel I must make it clear that my work is neither ‘academic’ nor caricaturing on the basis of photographs—it is done from life,” he once explained of his work. Born on August 14, 1907 in Warsaw, Poland, he went on to study at the Warsaw Academy of Art before moving to England in 1935. During World War II, Topolski became an official war artist for his adopted country and produced studies of battlefields throughout Europe during the conflict. He gained his British citizenship in 1947 and began work on his pictorial record of political and social events known as the Chronicles. Topolski died on August 24, 1989 in London, United Kingdom. Today, his works are held in the collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Brooklyn Museum, among others.

This is part 4 of a 4 - part series on the works of Felix Topolski.

For full biography notes see part 1, and for earlier works, see parts 1 - 3 also.

All images © The estate of Feliks Topolski

1960s Inns of Court :

Gray's Inn
lithograph 67 x 51.5 cm

Inner Temple
lithograph 68 x 52 cm

Inns of Court

Inns of Court

Inns of Court

Inns of Court

Inns of Court

1960s Willis Jackson, Baron Jackson of Burnley

1961 Sir Arnold Wesker
charcoal 50.8 x 34.9 cm
© National Portrait Gallery, London

1961 The Three Judges
lithograph 38.5 x 55 cm

1962 C.P. Snow
watercolour and charcoal 50.2 x 33.7 cm

1963 George Alfred Brown, Baron George-Brown
charcoal and crayon 50.8 x 35.2 cm
© National Portrait Gallery, London

before 1971 Rome with the Pope enthroned and Papal Guard
ink and black chalk on paper 34.5 x 49 cm (framed)

c1972 Pandit Ram Gopal
watercolour, gouache and silkscreen on paper
236.8 x 101.2 cm
© National Portrait Gallery, London

1973 Autobiography
screenprint on paper 100 x 39.1 cm
Tate, London

1973 London Suite:

1973 City
lithograph on paper 33.4 x 50.7 cm
Tate, London

1973 Piccadilly Circus
lithograph on paper 35.9 x 42.2 cm
Tate, London

1973 Speakers’ Corner
lithograph on paper 29.8 x 45.4 cm
Tate, London

1973 Trafalgar Square
lithograph on paper 46 x 35.9 cm
Tate, London

1973 Trooping the Colour
lithograph on paper 35.4 x 49.9 cm
Tate, London

1973 Westminster
lithograph on paper 42.9 x 38.3 cm
Tate, London

*          *          *          *          *

1973 Westminster
screenprint on paper 48.9 x 62.5 cm
Tate, London

1979 Derby 200
charcoal and pastel on paper 45.7 x 30.6 cm

1981 Portobello Market
screen print 47 x 71 cm

1981 The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana
felt pen and oil pastel 30 x 43 cm

1983 Portrait of Nicole Zamoyska
black crayon 59.2 x 42.2 cm

n.d. A Society Wedding
watercolour and bodycolour 27.3 x 40 cm

n.d. African Dancers
oil on canvas 45.7 x 30.5 cm

n.d. Changing of the Guard
charcoal, ink, felt tip pen and pastel on blue paper
 30.4 x 45.4 cm

n.d. Drawing for the Symon Family Home
 ink and wash 39 x 30 cm

n.d. Elegant Parade
oil on board 24.4 x 15.2 cm

n.d. Figure Studies
lithograph 47 x 64 cm

n.d. Henry Moore OM RA
pencil on paper 51 x 40 cm

n.d. Horse Show in Kent
pencil, ink and watercolour 24 x 35.4 cm

n.d. Leaving the Ball
ink and wash 13.4 x 17.8 cm

n.d. Leonard Bernstein
charcoal and felt-tip pen

n.d. London Parade
charcoal, bodycolour, watercolour and chalk on paper
62.5 x 89 cm

n.d. Mansion House
pen and ink and watercolour 41.9 x 52.2 cm

n.d. Portrait of Jacob Epstein
charcoal 47.3 x 31.1 cm

n.d. Portrait of Prince Philip
charcoal 48 x 34 cm

n.d. Randolph Churchill
pencil, pen and black ink 36.9 x 26.7 cm

n.d. Rome with the Pope enthroned and Papal Guard
ink and black chalk on paper 34.5 x 49 cm

n.d. Sir Adrian Boult
pencil, pen and black ink 35.6 x 24.1 cm

n.d. Sir Winston Churchill
ink and wash 24.1 x 15.9 cm

n.d. Table 76, Café de Paris
ink 13.4 x 17.8 cm

n.d. Test Match at Lords
pencil, watercolour and bodycolour 63.5 x 55.9 cm

n.d. The English Chaplain
pencil, pen and watercolour 37 x 27 cm

n.d. The Explorers
ink, watercolour and gouache 104 x 137.5 cm

n.d. The Generals
ink and watercolour 15.5 x 18.5 cm

n.d. The Original Pearly King of Stamford Hill
ink and gouache 20.3 x 15.2 cm

n.d. The Regatta
charcoal, bodycolour, watercolour and coloured chalks 63.5 x 54.7 cm

n.d. The Shoot
charcoal, watercolour, bodycolour and coloured chalks
63.5 x 55.9 cm

n.d. Watching ice hockey in the mountains
ink and wash 12.8 x 17.8 cm

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