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Mainie Jellett - part 4

An abstract and figure painter, Mainie Jellett started to take watercolour lessons as a young girl, later working under Sarah Cecilia Harrison and May Manning. She entered the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art in 1914 while William Orpen was teaching there. Three years later she went to study at the Westminster Art School in London with Walter Sickert. It was there that she met Evie Hone who became a life-long friend. In 1920 she won the Taylor Scholarship and this money allowed her to travel to Paris with Hone where they worked in André Lhote’s studio. Here they got their first taste of Cubism, however, after a while they both decided to move into the realm of pure abstract painting and transferred to work with Albert Gleizes. On her return to Ireland, Jellett continued to visit him during the summer for the next ten years. In Dublin she gave painting lessons from her home and began to exhibit her cubist paintings which received hostile criticism from George Russell. 

During the 1920s she exhibited regularly at the Dublin Painter’s Gallery while also showing at several exhibitions in Paris. Her art developed a greater realism in the 1930s and also became more religious in subject matter. She exhibited at the RHA from 1930 to 1937 while at the same time contributing to the Watercolour Society of Ireland until 1943. She became a leader in the modern movement in Ireland and joined the avant-garde group of painters, the White Stag in 1940, regularly lecturing and exhibiting with them. She exhibited in the first ever Irish Exhibition of Living Art where she had been appointed chairman but was unable to attend as she fell ill and died a short time later. Her works are in all the major Irish collections.

This is part 4 of 4 parts on the works of Mainie Jellett

Note: Not dated therefore in alphabetical sequence rather than date sequence:

n.d. Nude
charcoal on paper 31.6 x 29.2 cm

n.d. Nude Study
oil on canvas 50 x 40 cm

n.d. Painting
oil on canvas 121 x 69 cm

n.d. Pieta
oil on board 55 x 56cm

n.d. Portrait of a Man
oil on canvas 53 x 41 cm

n.d. Portrait of a Woman
pencil on paper  41 x 30.5 cm

n.d. Round-topped compositions
gouache 25 x 9 cm

n.d. Schill Waves
watercolour on paper 20 x 30.5 cm

n.d. Seascape
gouache on board 16.5 x 17.8 cm

n.d. Seated Male Nude Study
pen and ink on paper 26.7 x 26.7 cm

n.d. Seated Nude
oil on canvas 40.6 x 30.4 cm

n.d. Seated Nude
pencil on paper 8.5 x 11.2 cm

n.d. Standing Female Nude holding a White Drape
oil on canvas 61 x 38.1 cm

n.d. Standing Female Nude
oil on canvas 60.3 x 45 cm
Ulster Museum, Belfast

n.d. Still Life
oil on canvas 47 x 38 cm

n.d. Study of a Seated Woman
gouache 36 x 26 cm

n.d. Summer Landscape
watercolour on paper 25.4 x 33 cm

n.d. The Virgin and Child Enthroned and Flanked by Angels
pencil on paper 30 x 22.5 cm

n.d. The Wave
gouache 35.6 x 24.8 cm

n.d. Three Elements
gouache on card 21.6 x 27.3 cm

n.d. Three Elements
pencil on paper 25.5 x 20.5 cm

n.d. Tulips
oil on canvas 49.5 x 33 cm
Ulster Museum, Belfast

n.d. Untitled (Seascape)
gouache on paper 28.5 x 44.5 cm
IMMA Collection

n.d. Untitled Abstract
pencil and gouache heightened with white over pencil
25 x 18 cm

n.d. Untitled
pencil on paper 17 x 25 cm

n.d. Waterfall
pencil and gouache on buff paper 29 x 18.7 cm

n.d. Wicklow Landscape
oil on canvasboard 29 x 39 cm

n.d. Woman in a striped Blouse
oil on canvas 50.5 x 40.5 cm

n.d. Youghal, County Cork
gouache 40.6 x 49.3 cm

n.d. Rug Design
gouache 16 x 16 cm

n.d. Rug Design
gouache 30 x 14 cm

Rug, Curtain and Room Design
gouache and pencil on paper 27 x 22 cm

Rugs by Ceadogán Rugmakers, County Wexford, Ireland:

Rug  design

2.74 x 1.22 m

Rug  design

4.57 x 3.05 m

Rug design

3.05 x 1.98 m

Rug design

2.44 x 2.44 m

Rug design

2.59 x 2.59 m

Rug design

3.05 x 2.03 m

Rug design

3.05 x 1.98 cm

Rug design

1.52 x 0.71 m

Rug design

2.25 x 1.5 m

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