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Donald Brun - Part 3

The recognisable and often comedic style of graphic designer Donald Brun (1909-1999) has many fans, and so do the posters that he made for Swiss yard producer Zwicky, both of which can be seen in the Cat Cabinet. Brun was born in Switzerland in 1909 and studied at the Allgemeneine Gewerbeschule (General commercial school) while working in Basel as a graphic designer at a design studio. After this study he went to Berlin to continue developing his work and studied at the Akademie fur Freie und Angewandte Kunst (Academy for free and applied arts).

The many posters designed by Brun give an insight into his art and his use of many different styles and techniques. Often you can see the lively and friendly influences in his illustrations. Brun worked for many international companies, including ones from the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. In 1951 he was one of the founders of AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale – an elite club for leading graphic designers and artists, and from 1970 until 1972 he took over the role of International President. Works by Brun were showered with many awards and to this day occupy spaces in many permanent exhibitions around the world.

For more information about Donald Brun see part 1, and for earlier works, see parts 1 & 2 also.

This is part 3 of a 4-part series on the works of Donald Brun:

1954 Cioccolatini Perugina
(Perugina Chocolates)
colour lithograph 98 x 69 cm

1954 Contre maux de tete Contre Douleurs
(Against headaches, against pain)
colour lithograph 127 x 91 cm

1954 Mit Mirlon kein Flicken Mehr
(With Mirlon no more patching)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1954 Swissair
colour lithograph 99 x 64.5 cm

1954 Swissair
colour lithograph 100 x 63 cm

c1954 Flandor Dessert Crème Pudding
colour lithograph 126 x 89 cm

1955 Balkamp ...doch besser
(Balkamo ...but better)
colour lithograph 50.3 x 90 cm

1955 Mettler Savon
(Mettler Soap)
colour lithograph 127 x 90.5 cm

1955 Osram égaie la vie
(Osram, brighten up life)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1955 Swissair - USA
colour lithograph 99 x 63.3 cm

1955 Tuch AG Hemden
(Tuch AG Shirts)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1956 50 Jahre Schweizer Autopost
(50 Years of Swiss Autopost)
colour lithograph 102 x 63.5 cm

1957 Davos
colour lithograph 102 x 64 cm

1957 The Soup recipe magazine
colour lithograph

1957 Gauloises cigarettes
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1957 Halbe Preise für die Ganze Fahrt
(Half Price for the Whole Trip)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1957 Hillman cars
colour lithograph 50.3 x 35.4 cm

1957 Maestrani Rosemarie  (Swiss chocolate)
colour lithograph 127 x 90 cm

1957 Swissair Far East
colour lithograph 101.6 x 63.5 cm

1958 Genève Salon international Auto moto-cycle
colour lithograph 65 x 50 cm

1958 Her faithful friend - the Volkswagen
offset colour lithograph 80 x 119.3 cm

1958 Knie
(Swiss National Circus)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1958 Nr. 163 Strassenzustand
colour lithograph 127.4 x 90 cm

1958 Rätia Fruchtsaftgetränke
)Rätia  Fruit Juice Drinks)
colour lithograph 127 x 90 cm

1958 Swissair to Japan
colour lithograph

1958 Swissair to South America
colour lithograph

1958 Swissair to the USA
colour lithograph 103 x 63 cm

1959 Ein Bier Mit Dir
(A Beer With You)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1959 FFS -sempre al vostro servizio
(Swiss Rail Travel - Always the Best Service)
colour lithograph 50.3 x 90 cm

1959 Frauenstimmrecht 20./21. Februar
(Women's Suffrage)
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

1959 Gauloises dans chaque Poche
(Gauloises in every pocket)
colour lithograph 43 x 31 cm

1959 Swissair India
colour lithograph 99 x 63,5 cm

1960 Bernhard Altmann Wien Selfix
colour lithograph (size not given)

c1960 Solex (Motorised bicycle)
colour lithograph 160 x 115 cm

1960 Gauloises
colour lithograph 128 x 90 cm

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