Wednesday 21 December 2011

Dexter Dalwood – part 1

Taking a look at some contemporary painting for a change – this is part 1 of a 2-part post on the works of English artist Dexter Dalwood. Dalwood was born in Bristol, England in 1960. He received a B.A. from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design, London in 1985, and an M.A. from the Royal College of Art, London in 1990. Dalwood’s first solo exhibition was held in 1992 at the Clove Building, London.

Since then, Dexter Dalwood’s collages and paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows, building a strong reputation over the last decade in the UK, Europe, and the United States. Solo exhibitions include “Dexter Dalwood,” a major survey of his work at Tate St Ives, which tours to FRAC Champagne – Ardenne, Reims, France and CAC Malaga, Spain. This comprehensive exhibition, featuring work from the past 12 years, allows the public to gain a fuller understanding of Dalwood’s key stylistic and thematic interests. Dexter Dalwood’s work is found in both the Tate and Saatchi collections, and has been integral to many highly innovative and landmark group exhibitions.

He was shortlisted as one of the four nominees for the Turner Prize 2010.

1998 Paisley Park 
oil on canvas 152 x 183cm

1998 Sharon Tate's House 
oil on canvas 183 x 235cm

1998 The Liberace Museum 
oil on canvas 152 x 183cm

1998 The Queen's Bedroom 
oil on canvas 193 x 183cm

1999 Camp David 
oil on canvas 198 x 335cm

1999 Robert Mapplethorpe's First Loft 
oil on canvas 213 x 244cm

1999 Room 100, Chelsea Hotel 
oil on canvas 183 x 213cm

1999 Solzhenitsyn’s Reading Room 
oil on canvas 91 x 99cm

2000 Bill Gates' Bedroom 
oil on canvas 203 x 183 cm

2000 Gorbachev's Winter Retreat 
oil on canvas 198 x 236cm

2000 Jackie Onassis 
oil on canvas 214 x 244cm

2000 Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse 
oil on canvas 214 x258cm

2001 Hendrix's Last Basement 
oil on canvas

2001 Nietzsche's Chalet 
oil on canvas 125 x 115cm

2002 Grosvenor Square 
oil on canvas 268 x 347cm

2002 McCarthy's List 
oil on canvas 201 x 279cm

2003 Diana Vreeland

2003 Sunny Von Bulow 
oil on canvas 105 x 207cm

2003 Versailles in the Jungle

2004 Bay of Pigs oil on canvas 268 x 348cm

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