Friday, 23 December 2011

Dexter Dalwood – part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on contemporary English artist Dexter Dalwood. For biographical notes on Dalwood, and earlier works, see part 1.

2004 Birth of the U.N.

2004 Truman Capote 
oil on canvas 173 x 213cm

2005 Burroughs in Tangiers

2005 Herman  Melville

2005 Trial of Milosevic I 
oil on canvas 268 x 378cm

2006 Brighton Bomb 
oil on canvas 200 x 160cm

2006 Bringing It All Back Home 
oil on canvas 250 x 200cm

2006 The Deluge 
oil on canvas 274 x 457cm

2007 Altamont 
oil on canvas 210 x 174cm

2007 The Calm 
oil on canvas 200 x 250cm

2008 Death of David Kelly 
oil on canvas 203 x 173cm

2008 Greenham Common 
oil oncanvas

2008 Lennie

2008 The Umbrella Murder

2008 Under Blackfriars 
oil on canvas 207 x 248cm

2009 Burroughs' Tell 
oil on canvas 170 x 200cm

2009 Death of Lincoln 
oil on canvas 150 x 175cm

2009 Gorky's Studio 
oil on canvas 200 x 250cm

2009 Hunter S Thompson 
oil on canvas 148 x 150cm

2009 Mandalay 
oil on canvas 200 x 250cm

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