Friday 14 February 2014

Vintage Valentine's Cards

It's February 14th - St Valentine's Day, so it seems fitting to feature some vintage Valentine's cards today.

St. Valentine's Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian Saints named Valentinus. Several martyrdom stories were invented for the various Valentines that belonged to February 14th, and added to later martyr histories.

The day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In C18th England it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, confectionary, and for sending greetings cards known as "Valentines". Symbols employed include heart shapes, doves, flowers and winged cupids, Since the C19th hand-written valentines have given way to mass-produced cards.

"A Token of Affection" 
embossing and die-cutting

"Accept this Tribute of my sincere Regard" 
embossing and die-cutting

"Accept This Tribute of my Love" 
embossing, die-cutting lace paper, floral coloured scraps, and silk flowers

embossing and die-cutting

"Be my Valentine" 

"Believe I love thee my dear Valentine" 
lace paper

coloured scrap on lace paper, embossing and die-cutting

"Ever thine" 
coloured scraps, embossing and die-cutting

"Forsake Me Not - Give Me Thine Heart" 
coloured scraps, embossing and die-cutting

coloured scraps, lace paper and die-cutting

"I love thee my sweetheart" 
coloured scrap and lace paper

"In Love I Hope to Conquer" 
gilded lace paper embossed with flower motifs and the words 
"True Love" silk flowers and netting

"Let Us Make a Pair" 
lace paper

"Let Us Strike a Match!" 
"Cupid's Patent Never Failing" 
embossed paper, burnt match and sandpaper heart

"Love's Message to my Valentine" 

"My Heart is Thine" 
"Oh! Let my love thy pity move for pity melts the mind to love" 
multi-coloured lace paper and embossing

"My Pretty Star" 
coloured scraps and embossed paper

"Our Guide to Happiness" 
printed card

"Ready for A Match with you dear. The Velocipedian." 
cut-out and stuck down

"Sincerer Wishes Shall Not Reach Thee Than The Ones I Send Today" 
"May St. Valentine Thus Teach Thee All I Have No Words to Say" 
triptych style card with lace paper

"St. Valentine's Day by Richard Doyle"
Richard "Dickie" Doyle (1824 - 1883) was a notable illustrator in the Victorian era. His work frequently appeared, amongst other places, in "Punch" magazine - he drew the cover of the first issue and designed the magazine's masthead, a design that was used for over a century.

"To my darling" 
coloured scraps, lace paper and embossing

"To my little love" 
coloured scrap and lace paper

"To my Love" 

"To my Valentine - Queen of my Heart" 

"To my Valentine" 

"To Thee I'll ever consecrate my heart" 
lace paper, embossing and  die-cutting

"Truly Thine" 
coloured scraps, embossing and die-cutting

"Truly Thine" 
three-dimensional card

"Well! You are a nice little Duck" 
lace paper

"Will you do me an occasional favor? A friend in need is a friend indeed
embossed paper, small booklet with blue ribbon, reveals button, needle and thread

"With Fond Remembrance"

"With Loving Greetings" 
die-cut heart

Coloured scraps, embossing and die-cutting

Gilded lace paper and die-cutting

Kate Greenaway card 

Kate Greenaway card
"Dear Child: This Valentine has come to-day from one who loves thee, and is far away."

Coloured scraps, lace paper and 'feather' embossing


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