Tuesday 20 May 2014

Apple Crate Labels - part 1

A series featuring apple crate labels from the USA, spanning the 1910's to the 1950's. These colourful illustrated labels were printed by lithography and were designed to be attached to the ends of wooden fruit crates. They usually identified the manufacturer, the type, class and origin of the fruit. Some were generic - overprinted by different companies or brands.

This is the second series of posts featuring fruit crate labels (See "Citrus Fruit Crate Labels" series in the Blog Archive: February 2014).

This is part 1 of a 4-part post on Apple Crate Labels (1910s - 1930s) :

1910-20s Appleton Brand Apples

c1910s Golden West Brand California Apples

c1910s Pennant Brand Newtown Pippins Apples

1910s F.B. Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

1910s Good Stock Brand Newtown Pippins Apples

An example of an earlier artwork being re-drawn at a later date for a different brand (above and below):

1920s Lake View Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

1910s John Jacobs Company Apples

1910s Kentucky Cardinal Brand Apples

1910s Mountain Valley Apples Brand

1910s P.M. Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

1910s Peacock Brand California Apples

1910s Pride Brand Apples

1910s Solo Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

1911 Paonia Mountain Apples

1920s America's Delight Brand Northwest Apples

1920s Anchor Brand Northwest Apples

1920s Best Strike Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

c1920s Deep Blue Sea Brand Northwestern Apples

c1920s Delight Brand Apples

c1920s Pinal Ranch Brand Apples

1920s Camel Brand Apples

1920s Cleveland Brand Apples

1920s DB Brand Northwest Apples

1920s Depend-On Brand Washington Apples

1920s Diving Girl Brand California Apples

1920s Green Bluff Brand Apples

1920s Indian Head Brand Yakima Apples

1920s Lucky Lad Brand Northwest Apples

1920s Mariposa Brand Fancy Northwestern Apples

A Mariposa Brand label fro the 1930s still employing the butterfly artwork:

1930s Mariposa Brand Apples

1920s Million Dollar Brand Apples

1920s Nightingale Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

1920s Oak Glen Mountain Apples

1920s Pacific Exporter Brand Apples

1920s Pic-O-Pete Brand Apples

1920s Rip Van Winkle Brand Apples

1920s Sno-Fed Brand Apples

1920s Spinner Fruit Corporation Apples

1920s Tennis Brand Apples

1920s Tiger Brand Apples

1920s Uncle Sam Brand Yakima Valley Apples

1920s Vanbo Brand Apples

1920s Wenatchee Valley Fruit Growers Association

1920s Williams Brand Apples

1930s Baby Brand Apples

1930s Buckaroo Brand Apples

1930s Buddy Brand Apples

1930s Buffalo Brand Pajaro Valley Apples

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