Friday, 23 May 2014

Apple Crate Labels - part 2

A series featuring apple crate labels from the USA, spanning the 1910's to the 1950's. These colourful illustrated labels were printed by lithography and were designed to be attached to the ends of wooden fruit crates. They usually identified the manufacturer, the type, class and origin of the fruit. Some were generic - overprinted by different companies or brands.

This is the second series of posts featuring fruit crate labels (See "Citrus Fruit Crate Label" series in the Blog Archive: February 2014). 
See part 1 for earlier labels.

This is part 2 of a 4-part post on Apple Crate Labels (1930s - 1940s):

1930s Chalet Brand Apples

1930s Dainty Maid Brand Apples

1930s Far West Brand North Apples

1930s Glacier Brand Apples

1930s Governor Winthrop Brand Yakima Apples

1930s Grizzly Brand Apples

1930s Hula Brand Apples

1930s Indian Head Brand Washington Apples

1930s K-O Brand Apples

1930s Yakima Chief Brand Evaporate Apples

1930s Lady Apples Brand Tuolumne County Mountain Apples

1930s Lamb Brand Fancy Apples

1930s Lucky Trail Brand Fancy California Apples

1930s Maine Apples Brand

1930s Majorpak Brand Apples

1930s Ox Team Brand Apples

1930s Pelican Brand Washington Apples

1930s Red Winner Brand Okanogan Valley Apples

1930s Redman Brand Wenatchee District Apples

1930s Redskin Brand Northwest Apples

1930s Tulip Brand Apples

1930s Utah Mountain Apples

1930s Western Star Brand Yakima Valley Apples

1930s Wolf Brand Apples

1940s A-Plus Brand Apples

1940s Apple Kids Brand Washington Apples

1940s Aurora Brand Apples

1940s Beckwith Brand Washington Apples

1940s Benz Goodfruit Brand Washington Apples

1940s Best Bite Brand Apples

1940s Big Chief Brand Canadian Apples

1940s Black Bear Brand Canadian Apples

1940s Blue Grouse Brand Canadian Apples

1940s Blue Larkspur Brand Apples

1940s Blue Mountain Brand Apples

1940s Blue Ribbon Brand Yakima Apples

1940s Blue Seal Brand Apples

1940s Blue Winner Brand Okanogan Valley Apples

1940s Boy Blue Brand Wenatchee Apples

1940s Briskey Brand Apples

1940s Britevale Brand Okanogan Valley Apples

1940s Buffalo Brand Canadian Apples

c1940s Bite Size Brand Apples

c1940s Clasen Brand Apples

c1940s Golden Girl Brand Apples

c1940s  Hy-Tone Brand Apples

c1940s Pacific Chief Brand Northwest Apples

c1940s Persian Brand Northwest Apples

c1940s Tyee Brand Washington Apples

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